First of all I want to mention that everyone is different. If you truly believe in your heart that this process will not improve your health in any way, then it probably won’t (placebo effect). I also understand that many of these methods may seem too simple to cure anything major, but I ask that you try it yourself if you are trying to achieve optimal health, as I have found they work for me and everyone else that has tried them. With that said, I will start by giving the foundation for perfect health. If you are not doing any of these in your day to day life then you are not very likely to cure yourself of whatever it is that you have.

1.Deep Breathing Exercises

With the way our planet is polluted right now we do not get enough air from normal breathing. A great way to do breathing exercises is through some type of yogic practice.


You need between 1-2 quarts of water every day. Everyone is different so this may vary slightly, but we generally get no where close to the amount that we should, especially if we are eating lots of foods that are high in sodium. Another important thing to mention is that when you are thirsty, that is your body’s final signal that its not hydrated enough. This means that if you were actually hydrated you would almost never be thirsty at all.


exercise-ball-womanI’m sure you have heard this one before. It allows your body to regulate itself (flush toxins, make use of vitamins/minerals, etc.). I highly recommend finding exercises that you can actually enjoy. It could be anything (dancing to your favorite music, jumping jacks, standing, etc.) Exercise should not be something that you dread. If you find that you are forcing yourself to exercise in a way that is not enjoyable to you, then you are going to quit, and then be mad at yourself for quitting even though its not your fault. Then once you feel “determined” again you’re gonna try to do it again and quit again because determination is temporary. Un-enjoyable exercise = Counter productive. When you find something you enjoy everything will flow smoothly.

4.Reduce Stress

If you are in a situation where you find yourself working very hard at something that you know in your heart does not benefit you, then do your best to let go of it. If you cannot let go of it, then try your best to convert it into something more enjoyable/relaxing.


I’ve already said it multiple times, but I’ll say it again: everybody is different. You are ultimately the only one that knows whats best for you, and it’s your job to figure that out. The reason certain people seem to find all kinds of “miracle cures” for this or that is because they found exactly what was best for them. My job is to aid you in that process by telling you what worked for me. I used to suffer from epilepsy and eventually I got tired of the fact that I had to rely on a pharmaceutical drug to live.


My doctor told me I would need it for the rest of my life and I knew in my soul that there was a real cause and cure for it, and that’s when I got into alternative healing. I drank loads of grape juice as I heard from another epileptic that it worked. I also started taking black seed oil with raw manuka honey (regarded as the cure for every disease but death) on a regular basis and I feel amazing. I haven’t taken a single pharmaceutical pill in about a year now and haven’t had any symptoms. Life is exactly as is should be.